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Summer Bundle Packs!!!


Summer is still here and so are the Summer Bundle Packs! You can STILL get FOUR of your favorite items together for only $65! (Two) 4oz TOH face cleansers, (one) 8oz CoffeeMint body scrub and (one) KokaMint lip balm!!!

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As a MaryKay Independent Consultant for several years, I’ve of course been interested in skin care.

I’ve used so many combinations of products to accommodate our ever changing skin during different seasons and have yet to find a happy medium. But after trying these products I’ve finally found something that works well all year long! My skin is firmer, tighter, glows more and all around the smoothness of my skin is amazing.

Shortly after using I noticed that I really didn’t have the little pigmentations issues or raised bumps that I covered up with makeup! I no longer have to use full coverage makeup to hide those in perfections. At 50 l, I can finally say I’ve found my fountain…

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