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Tears of Hebe® - named after the Greek goddess of youth, is a simple 2-step ultra-deep face cleansing process. It doesn't simply clean your skin "off" - it penetrates deep and cleans it “out”. Made with pure artesian mineral water from a prehistoric spring located 2,000 feet beneath the earth (gathered at the mouth of the water source), TOH is designed to penetrate your pores and literally pull out dirt, toxins and daily pollutants that cause blemishes, acne, dark spots, and aging while simultaneously cleansing, softening, tightening, and evening your complexion and tone. The caffeine from the black tea partners with the apple cider vinegar and mineral content from the mineral water which reacts to the exfoliant thus creating an un-paralleled feeling of freshness and clarity that can only be described as magical. This elixir will make your face feel crisp and emancipated.


Our #1 selling product has officially been upgraded! Tears of Hebe® is now infused with CBD and Hemp Protein! T.O.H now has the enhanced effect of full spectrum CBD oil that works in tandem with the original, all-natural ingredients. The deep cleaning and super-crisp feeling fostered by the original T.O.H now has the added benefit of cannabidiol which greatly reduces inflammation and over-excessive oil and sebum production - the main catalyst that leads to clogged pores, which then leads to blackheads, acne and other skin detriments. Another upgrade is the inclusion of hemp protein. This addition fortifies the skin with Vitamin E as well as a high concentrations of essential fatty acids that hydrate and firm; thus creating younger looking, healthier, glowing skin. 

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