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5 Top tips to void acne associated with hormonal imbalance

Have you ever had that moment when you’re just about to go on vacation, or embark on that unredeemable first date with a longtime crush - and then, suddenly, POW! - a pimple emerges out of nowhere? Or, for all you ladies, a week before your period you have a sudden breakout?

I know. I’ve been of the worst experiences ever!

Experts say that some pimples (or acne) are tied to hormones. This is mainly because the fluctuations of said hormones have to do with your skin's oil production which, in turn, can catch dirt and clog pores and cause inflammation thus resulting in breakouts.

Here are the top 5 tips to avoid acne associated with hormonal imbalances:

1. Green Tea

Yes! Green tea is high in the polyphenols (compounds in plants that have health benefits) which are antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Since acne is a form of inflammation, drinking one or two cups a day can help decrease this occurrence. Plus, it helps your skin maintain its natural glow and helps to decrease signs of aging.

2. Hydrate

This will not correct hormonal imbalances nor eliminate your vulnerability to pimples, but hydration can help you detoxify and moisturize your skin naturally. It's the easiest and most affordable way to rid your skin of contaminants and waste build-up.

3. Get enough sleep

Experts say that hormonal imbalance can also be related to stress. The easiest way to beat stress is by getting enough hours of sleep. This helps your body to recuperate, regenerate and re-energize.

4. Use Cleansers

Your face is like a sponge - accumulating dirt and bacteria from the environment. It is very important for our skin to be washed and cleansed every day. Choose a product that perfectly

suits your skin type to prevent damage. There are a LOT of products out there (chemically laced and all-natural), so be sure to choose a product that has a deep penetrating effect like NūBorn Skin’s Tears of Hēbē® - an all-natural 2-step face cleanser that gently penetrates deep into your skin and pulls out dirt, toxins and contaminants that cause acne, blackheads, dark spots and signs of aging while making your face clean and soft.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is just as important as cleansing! Our skin needs to be exfoliated to help remove accumulated dead skin on our face and body. Speaking of the body; the face is not the only hangout spot for acne. When picking an exfoliant, choose a body scrub that has high antioxidant and inflammation reducing properties that will stimulate and enhance blood flow like NūBorn Skin’s CoffeeMint® scrub. After all, dead skin can harbor and harbor dirt and toxins, too.

These simple ways are very helpful in preventing acne and other skin issues; but also maintaining a healthy, balanced and disciplined lifestyle is of equal importance! In addition, increasing knowledge in regard to your own skin type will help you to understand which products to buy. I highly recommend all-natural products that are mild yet extremely effective such as NūBorn Skin’s 2-step facial cleanser, Tears of Hēbē® and CoffeeMint® body scrub. We’d love to hear your results!

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