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Marble Surface



Before & After

1 to 2.5 week right side.jpg

Week 2.5

Week 2

Week 1

(Right Side)

1 to 2.5 week left side.jpg

Week 1

Week 2

Week 2.5

(Left Side)

Transparent Texture


"I have experienced lots of discoloration in my skin and scarring due to acne. After using TOH [Tears of Hebe] for a few days I noticed instant changes in my discoloration and scarring. My skin color looked evened out and the scarring was unnoticeable. Would recommend to those who suffer from acne scars and skin discoloration." - Nia 

"I tried the Tears of Hebe face wash and it was wonderful. Me and my roommates all agreed our skin had never felt cleaner and softer after a face wash treatment. The two step process was really awesome and it really felt like a deep clean I haven't ever gotten with my usual face wash." - Sara

“I am currently using the (Tears of Hebe)  two-step cleanser while I’m in the shower for optimal results. It leaves my face feeling extremely cleaned and refreshed!  Which is more so important to me because I’m a cosmetologist and my skin absorbs hair products all day. The lip balms feel soothing and they taste good! I love that NūBorn Skin is (all) natural and look forward to adding more of this skin care line to my regimen! I recommend this product! " - Carmen

"Cinnamon sugar scrub! Oh my goodness! I was lucky enough to volunteer to test this product out! I suffer from a chronic disease called “Endometriosis”. Being a full time hair stylist, on your feet all day for long hours can be hard on your body. I tried this product during a flare and it was amazing!! " - Angie

Marble Surface

GREAT NEWS!! NūBorn Skin has recently established a partnership with Lettie Marie Luxury Aesthetics! LMLA retails NūBorn Skin products and offers NBS services, too! With Lettie Marie Luxury Aesthetics having over 650 clients, it is clear to say that they have THE BEST esthetician services in York, PA, hands down! With a recent expansion and January 2021 grand opening—within 2-months—LMLA has acquired over 150 new customers!


call or book online at:


2755 West Market St. York, PA 17404  (717) 792-1453


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Got Maskne? We can help.

With the whole COVID-19 situation, our lives have changed drastically in many ways. With the mandatory use of masks many people have been subjected to "maskne" - acne breakouts as a result of constant concealment of the face with any material used to prevent the spread of infection. And because of this—we'd like to point out—we can help you! Fortunately, with our Tears of Hēbē, 2-step, deep face cleanser infused with CBD and Hemp Protein, we can help to reduce and/or eliminate breakouts!

Tears of Hebe (w/CBD and Hemp Protein) - a deep face cleanser & skin detox system infused with CBD - a super-charged anti-inflammatory agent. This version of our popular face cleanser is revered for successfully alleviating cystic and normal acne breakouts as well as other skin issues.


Tears of Hebe - a deep face cleanser & skin detox system.This is the original version of our popular face cleanser and is extremely effective on normal acne breakouts as well as other problematic skin issues.

Woman body care. Close up of long female

Moisturizers & Body Butters

Whether you like the feeling of silk; or the sultry, delicious sensation of chocolate - our all-natural moisturizing body butters will satisfy your skin's desires! Enjoy the benefits of shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter along with the inclusion of black tea and raw cocoa...your skin will always be conditioned and oblivious to dryness! 

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Corrine, PA

I love this stuff (Silk Envy) and I love that it's all natural!! I applied it all over but my favorite was my stomach area. I no longer have visible stretch marks & my c section scar is extremely light now! My skin feels like silk!! Highly recommend this product!!

Iris, PA

Its been a little over a month since I have started using the tears of hebe facial cleanser and what can I say, I absolutely love it!! Its so refreshing, my face has never felt cleaner, softer and looked better than it has this past month. I have tried several drugstore as well as high end products and nothing can compare to this one. Im so glad I decided to try it and now it has become my holy grail facial cleanser. 

Ben, CA

Just got my hands on the Nordic Silk beard balm and I'm loving it. Smells great, works great as a conditioner and it helps keep my beard looking like I just combed it in place. Definitely gonna keep this stuff on hand




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Email: nubornskincare@gmail.com

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